We built an incentive package & program to support underrepresented creators.

Submissions Are Open for Feature Films, both narrative & documentary for consideration for 2017.

**NEW: If you are working on a series or multi-platform project, consider submitting to our Creators Program.   


  • A project qualifies when the writer, director, or producer is a woman, person of color, or member of the LGBTQ community (exact requirements are listed below).  We accept projects that are in pre-production through post-production, but the best time to apply is 3 months before the start of principal photography.
  • Selected projects will receive significant discounts (15%-75%) from vendors and service providers nationwide to create savings in all stages of production, including AbelCine, Hive Lighting, Gotham Stages, and Nice Shoes.
  • Recipients will be granted access to an exclusive Distribution Lab & Marketplace in NYC, focusing on audience building and distribution strategies. Past participating companies include The Weinstein Company, IFC, The Discovery Channel, Vimeo, FilmRise, Zeitgeist Films, Magnolia Pictures, and more.
  • In addition, our sister company Big Vision Creative will choose several projects per year to co-produce.

Program Benefits

Extensive production and post-production discounts

Take advantage of our partnerships – you’ll receive 15-75% discounts from vendors nationwide for everything from camera rentals to sound design to deliverables, to help you stretch your budget and get your projects made.

Exclusive Distribution Lab & Marketplace

Participating projects are granted access to an exclusive Distribution Lab presented twice per year in NYC.  The three-day program is filled with intense education about distribution, audience building, pitching, and partnerships, as well as panel discussions with distributors and platforms, and presentations from networks.

Past participating companies include:

Optimize your project for funding.

We’ll provide you with a document to add to your investment materials, which will explain the access you’ll gain, the money you’ll save, and the value you’ll add, based on your participation in our program. It’s important to us that your projects are seen as the great investments that they are! 

Share the Screen Partnership

Announced earlier this year, Vimeo's 'Share the Screen' is a three-part initiative to elevate and empower female filmmakers. The program aims to foster gender equality with a financial commitment to invest in female-led programming, educational workshops and onsite promotions spotlighting female voices.   As part of the partnership, Vimeo’s development team will review all Kickstart Diversity projects, with the opportunity for select projects to receive dedicated funding in exchange for distribution on Vimeo On Demand.

Exclusive pitch & co-production opportunities:

We're supporting people, not just projects and when opportunities to pitch to networks and platforms come our way, we pass them along to Kickstart Diversity Creators.

On an ongoing basis, we are also selecting projects coming through the Kickstart Diversity Program for co-production through our production company, Big Vision Creative.

And we’re constantly growing.

We launched in October 2015 and the program will continue to evolve as we add more partners. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please email us at info@bigvisionemptywallet.com.


What type of projects are you selecting?

We are accepting feature length films (narrative and documentary) in any stage of production that have a team and business plan in place.

How are the diversity requirements defined?

A project qualifies when the writer, director, or producer is a woman, person of color, or member of the LGBTQ community.

Forming a definition of diversity isn’t easy.  For this particular program, we are defining “diversity” as Asian Pacific, Sub-Continent Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, Mixed Race and/or women and members of the LGBTQ community.   If you don’t identify in any of these categories, but still feel you should qualify, please contact us at info@bigvisionemptywallet.com. Our goal is to be an inclusive as possible and make a positive impact.

Do I need to live anywhere specific?

Our benefits are for projects that will be produced in the US. International co-productions are welcome, as well. You do not need to live anywhere specific, but all events surrounding the program will be in NY, LA, and at major festivals. If you are shooting your project in a location that our vendors aren’t located, please reach out to us! We’ll work our hardest to get you benefits that will help in that location.

How often do you accept projects?

We are currently considering projects for 2017.  See our current selections HERE.

So if I'm a white dude, am I totally excluded?

Nope. You will be rewarded for supporting diversity in storytelling and working with a diverse team. If your project has a writer, director, or producer that meets our requirements, you can receive the benefits of our program. The person who qualifies for the incentive must be the one to submit to our program.

Who's involved:

Advisory Board:

Featured Companies:

Community Partners:

Submit Your Project!

Submit your project now to be considered for 2017.

Get your work ready:

You'll need a link to a clip, trailer, or teaser from this project or a past project that exemplifies the quality of your work.


- team bios
- a summary of the project (500 word max) 
- explanation of the video submitted and how it is reflective of your body of work
- what is your budget and your production plan? (500 word max) 
- what is your marketing and distribution plan? (500 word max) 
- your specific goals for the project (500 word max)

We'll also provide you with an email address to send us any additional attachments that might be helpful, like your business plan or investor deck.

Submit Your Work!

Submission Fee: $50

Make sure you have all of your work ready before you access the form!  If you make a mistake, you will be able to make edits before you check out.  Once you have submitted the form, you will need to use the shopping cart to check out.  If you have a discount or waiver code, you'll be able to apply it at checkout.  If you don't pay for your submission using the shopping cart, we won't receive it!


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