Dani Faith Leonard is a comedy creator and producer and co-founder of Big Vision Empty Wallet and Big Vision Creative.

Big Vision Empty Wallet is a film and media incubator that creates awesome programs, encouraging independent creators to get their work made and seen. In October 2015, they launched Kickstart Diversity, an incentive program designed to support film and TV projects created by women, POC, and the LGBT community. In 2014, BVEW’s founders launched Big Vision Creative to produce innovative multi-platform projects and offer creative and business consulting services to producers to keep them on the cutting edge and help them profit while maintaining their projects’ artistic integrity.

Through BVEW and separately, Dani has produced over 300 interactive events and live theatre productions, in addition to short films and digital content. She has lead conversations about audience building, distribution, and creative collaboration at the Sundance Film Festival, Savannah Film Festival, aTVfest, SeriesFest, and the Downtown Las Vegas Project. In 2014-2015, she co-produced and hosted Big Vision Creatives, a live streamed show powered by ABC News.

Current projects include feature film Everything is Wonderful, narrative feature The Light of the Moon, and feature documentary Power of Pearl, all currently in post production.  In 2016, her comedy work has been featured in Esquire, Nylon, Refinery 29, Entertainment Weekly, and more.