WE ARE SELECTING 10-15 CREATORS WORKING IN TV AND NEW MEDIA TO JOIN US FOR 3 EXCITING MONTHS OF DEVELOPMENT AND PITCH OPPORTUNITIES IN 2017.  We are accepting applications from creators who are developing TV series, digital series, interactive projects, and innovative multi-platform projects.  

This program focuses on PEOPLE, not specific projects.

What the program looks like:

The program will kick off in February 2017!  At the start of each month, we'll meet to share the mandates, tastes, and tones of the networks, platforms, and companies who you'll be meeting with later in the month.  After pitching internally, building teams, and creating pitch materials, you'll meet with the companies to pitch your concepts.  The Big Vision team will be with you along the way to develop, sell, and ultimately produce your projects.

THE VIBE: picture summer camp for adults who want to create awesome shit and get rich.  Seriously.  We mean it.  It's going to be awesome.

Some of the networks and platforms that have worked with us on previous Big Vision initiatives include:


You will need to apply with a specific project that is representative of your body of work and your voice as a creator, but we’ll develop multiple projects and concepts together throughout the program, specifically geared toward participating networks and platforms.  You may submit as an individual or as a team.

You can be based anywhere to submit, but most in-person events and meetings will take place in NYC.

Submission dates & Deadlines:

Through August 31st - $35
September 1st - September 30th - $45
October 1st - October 25th - $55
October 26th - November 30th - $65

Private interviews will be held with finalists and offers will go out in December.  The selected creators will be announced in January.



What will I Take away from the program?

Well, hopefully we'll sell something together!  But you’ll also learn how to quickly develop pitch materials and make life-long connections with executives and other creators.

Do I need to live anywhere specific?

You can submit your work from anywhere!  Most live pitches will be in NYC, but if you are a fantastic creator, we want to know you. We are committed to finding and supporting the most talented creators so we will find ways of working together, even if we’re not based in the same city.

I have frequent collaborators who I love working with.  May we submit as a team?

WE WANT PEOPLE WHO GET AROUND.  Like, in teams, not in bed.  Unless you get your best ideas in bed, which is totally fine.  You can absolutely submit as a team, but it is recommended that it is a team you have experience working with.  We want you to have a collaborative spirit regardless and even if you are accepted with your team, you should be open to breaking away and working with different collaborators when appropriate.

What do you mean by “New Media?”

Digital content, web series, interactive projects, VR, innovative multi-platform work.  The more creative, the better.  

Will we be working on a project that I’m already developing?

Maybe.  Throughout the program we will be connecting with our contacts at networks, platforms and other brands so once they share their current mandates with us, we will work on pitches together to bring back to executives.  If a project that you’ve already been developing fits the current mandate, we might develop that pitch together and pitch it to the most appropriate outlet.

What does Big Vision get in return and how much does this cost?

Big Vision Empty Wallet is an incubator and Big Vision Creative is our production company.  Big Vision Creative will be attached to produce any of the projects that we develop together and bring to networks and platforms.  If you are coming to the program with work you’ve already created, you will retain all rights to your IP.  This will all be laid out in an agreement if you are accepted!  There is no cost to participate in the program, other than possible travel to meetings and events.