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Founded in 2010, Big Vision Empty Wallet is a film & media incubator that creates programs that encourage film & media makers to get their work made and seen.

Through Big Vision's programs, the team finds projects to produce at our production company Big Vision Creative where current projects include feature films in post and several TV series in development.  Working on projects of our own influences the programs we create and inspires us to discover systems that help indie creators thrive.

Programs Include:

Things we care about:

Providing opportunities and access so projects GET MADE AND SEEN, creatives getting paid fairly for their work, kickstarting diversity in film and media, and getting our community together to have a blast.  And cocktails, of course.

Don't Let the Moniker Fool You.

Big Vision Empty Wallet = the belief that you can create groundbreaking work with whatever resources you have available.

It doesn't mean that our programs are only for projects with small budgets or that we're personally interested in working on projects where people don't get adequately compensated for their talents.  Ew.

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Big Vision Empty Wallet was founded in 2010 by Dani Faith Leonard and Alex Cirillo as an online resource for the local NYC film community.  Big Vision operated as a curated membership community for nearly five years, and as the industry changed, so did we.  We continue to encourage our members to incubate their own projects and provide education through our programs.

In 2014, we launched our production company, Big Vision Creative, through which we produce films and events.

In 2015, we re-branded Big Vision Empty Wallet as a film and media incubator and launched a new program to help kickstart diversity, which is a cause that we care deeply about.  Moving forward, we're excited to find new people and projects to share with the world through BVEW and BVC.

The Founders

Dani Faith Leonard

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