Here’s what we’re accepting:

  • Narrative Feature Films ONLY.

  • Films can be in any stage of production.

  • Focus on bold stories, unique perspectives and interesting worlds.

  • The team and project must meet the inclusion requirements below.

  • This year, we’re requiring a WORK SAMPLE unique to this project. Every project is required to have a shot something already FOR THIS SPECIFIC PROJECT or told this story in a different format in order to be eligible. You may submit a short film, proof of concept, podcast, filmed performance (if it was a theater piece), or scene selects/a work in progress if the film is in post production. Find out more below!


This Spring, we’ll choose up to five narrative feature films from an open submission process. We’ll focus on selecting bold stories, unique perspectives, and interesting worlds.

Submissions will be accepted through April 25th. The in-person program will take place June 5-7, 2019 in New York City.


Since 2015, we’ve required every project that we work on to have an inclusive team. Representation behind the camera and on screen matters to us too, as we’re sure it does to you! Films will follow these inclusion & representation guidelines:

  • At least one key above the line team member (director, writer, producer) must be a woman, POC, LGBTQ, a military veteran and/or differently-abled.

  • The cast of the film needs to be representative of and match the expected demographics of the world in which it takes place.

  • When submitting, the creator will have to provide an inclusion statement that explains how they plan to hire crew beyond the key team to include members of underrepresented communities in a way that elevates their film.


For two days leading up to the final pitch, each creative team will work with the Big Vision team in NYC to refine their pitch, create a marketing plan and distribution strategy through a series of fun workshops and intense brainstorming sessions. Travel and accommodations will not be provided.

The final pitch day on Friday, June 7th will be a community-facing event for special guests.

The pitch presentations will be attended by investors, financial institutions, sales agents, and distribution companies and the goal will be to bring additional financing and release opportunities to each film.

Big Vision’s programs are known for being expertly curated, inclusive, fun-loving, a little eccentric and super informative and we take our reputation seriously! Big Vision becomes attached to each film in a producorial capacity to be outlined in an easy to read acceptance agreement.

The companies that have partnered with Big Vision Empty Wallet's incubator include the Bentonville Film Festival, Big Beach, Bleecker Street Media, Braven Films, Comedy Central, Discovery, FilmRise, HBO, IFC, iTVfest, Lionsgate, Magnolia Pictures, Maven Pictures, Tribeca Film Institute, TruTV, Uninterrupted, Washington Square Films, Zeitgeist Films and more.



Collaborations through our incubator have led us to premieres at Sundance & SXSW, sales to major film distributors, streaming platforms, and TV networks, and releases in theaters world wide.

As Executive Producers, the Big Vision team has a 100% success rate of return for investments secured by Big Vision for released films.


Dates & Fees

  • Now - February 10th - $30

  • February 11th - February 28th - $40

  • March 1st - March 31st - $50

  • April 1st - April 25th - $60


You’ll need a logline, brief summary, bios for the key team members, a cast list (if applicable), answers about your project (budget, audience, strategy), an inclusion statement, and a link to a work sample. If you’re hard at work on your project, these answers should be easily accessible!

To help you prepare before accessing the live form, we’ve made a PDF that lays out exactly what we’re looking for. You can download it HERE.

This year, every project is required to have a shot something already or told this story in a different form in order to be eligible. You may submit a short film, proof of concept, podcast, filmed performance (if it was a theater piece), or scene selects/a work in progress if the film is in post production.

We are willing to accept films adapted from books, but you must own the option and submit a link to a visual work sample as well, even if that visual sample does not directly correlate to the project you are submitting with.

In other words, we are not accepting scripts in this stage of submissions. If you have any questions about what you can submit, feel free to contact us.

Multiple submissions from the same person or team will be accepted, but each submission must be completed separately with a different form.

Let’s Go

We are looking forward to receiving your submission! Access the form by clicking on the button below. Once you have completed the form, you will be directed to pay.